Casio SE-S100|Cash Register|Till

Casio SE-S100|Cash Register|Till

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The SES 100 cash register by Casio has all the features of a mid range cash register at a budget price. It comes with a large 2 line LCD screen, 2000 Plu's and SD slot for transferring data to a PC. Available in Red and Gold.

Price: 119.00 (£142.80 inc. VAT)

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 2 colours available

When ordering a Gold SE-S100 will be dispatched, if you require it in Red  please contact us

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24 Departments | 2000 Price Look-ups (PLU's) |   8 Clerks | 4 Tax Tables | Calculator Mode | Mode Key Switch Security | Easy Initial Set-up | Useful Help Key | Selectable Multiple Languages (supported languages vary from country to country) | On/Off Receipt Key | Post Receipt Print | Compressed Journal Printing | Electronic Journal | SD Card Slot for Data Storage | 2 Line LCD Operator Display | Rear Customer Display | 57mm Thermal Printer | Graphic Logo Printing | 4 Note 8 Coin Compartments.



Functionally the SES100 provide a high speed single station thermal printer that can be setup as a journal, for your business records, or a receipt printer to issue customers a detail of their purchase. Customer receipts can be customized with personalized four (4) line header message to identify your business and a Graphic logo. The two (2) line alpha/numeric operator back-lit LCD display adds a measure confidence for the operator when entering sales. The built-in rear customer LCD display provides confirmation to the customer on items and pricing being entered.

Other functionality offered on the Se-S100 series machines is a SD Card slot to backup/re-load program data and sales backup. A paper savings mode that allow retailers to operate the without receipt printing and printing one only upon request from a customer. There are 12 department keys 24 departments using the shift key provided to track the various general category sales and/or up to 2,000 PLU’s to track individual item sales. Descriptors can be programmed to the departments and PLU’s so they are easily identified on receipts and reports.