Casio V-R100

Casio V-R100

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The All-in-one Casio V-R100 complete Epos solution, 10.4 inch colour LCD touch screen, High speed thermal receipt printer,Pop-up customer display, Dallas key fob reader, Android™ operating system and with it's 'Cash Register' App pre installed The Casio VR100 is suitable for your Hospitality or Retail environment.

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The Casio VR-100 is a compact EPOS terminal equipped with a colour main display with full-touch screen operation, a rear display that is great for showing information to customers, and a built-in thermal printer to generate receipts.
The V-R100 is designed to meet the needs of all small to medium organisation, and works as both a standalone system or as part of a networked system.


The Casio V-R100 comes installed with a sales management application offering a host of data management capabilities. With the optional cash drawer, the terminal can also function as a cash register.

Additional customer relationship management and reservation management applications can be installed to enable database management of the purchase history of individual customers. The purchase history can then be used to identify preferred customers and formulate marketing strategies tailored to them.   


       Screen Shot of the Casio V-R100

The V-R100 EPOS terminal uses the Android™ operating system, and Casio has provided a software development kit that supports the VR 100 hardware. The Casio V-R100 supports a variety of businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and other service enterprises by developing its own additional applications as well as facilitating development of applications for the V-R100 by other developers of Android applications.


  • Sales Management
    Conduct a multitude of sales calculations including calculations by product (items, departments and groups), time and clerk. An optional cash drawer can be added to operate the V-R100 as a cash register.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Build a customer database associated with sales management data. Analyze the purchase frequency and monetary amounts for each customer, in order to identify create a list of preferred customers. Operators can send emails to a list of preferred customers who have agreed to receive them, or they can specify automatic discounts when ringing up bills for preferred customers, all associated with the sales management application.
  • Reservation Management
    Take various kinds of orders and reservations from customers, including reservations for meals. Use the customer relationship management and sales management applications to manage databases’ of customer names and reservation details including names, number of persons and time, all from the V-R100.
  • Remote Control By E-mail
    Receive e-mail messages from a cellular phone or computer, and automatically execute instructions contained in the messages. Even check sales data from a separate location, an ideal feature for busy business managers.
  • Environment-friendly with low power consumption
    Power consumption of VR100 is 20W during operation (4W when stand-by), which is much less than general PC based terminal. More you use the V-R100, more you save the electricity cost.
  • Business terminal must be tough
    V-R100 is compact and stylish, but tough. It comforms to the IPX2 dripresistance* which is important for use in restaurants.
    * Dripping water at an angle up to 15 degrees from vertical has no harmful effect.
  • Stylish design
    The design of the terminal is important since it will be used in a store where many customers will see. V-R100 is equipped with motor-driven tilt mechanism. Even the LCD panel is in the flat position or in a upright position, VR100 will keep its sharp design.
  • Small footprint will enable to fit in any places.
    V-R100 compact body measuring only 395mm wide, 237mm deep, and 229 high, will fit in any places, saving shelf space for selling products. The optional drawer can be set separately from the terminal which will enable flexible layout.V-R100 with Casio DL-2815 Cash Drawer. DL-2815 dimensions: 400(W)x398(D)x113(H)mm








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                                            Casio Cloud Suite available with the V-R100