Kingship KSP-15 Scale

Kingship KSP-15 Scale

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The KSP-15 price computing scale weighs up to 15kg, has 96 plu's, with front and customer LCD display, and rechargable batteries that last up to 120 hours.

Price: £199.00 (£238.80 inc. VAT)

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  • 96†PLU's††
  • LCD (18mm height of each digit) on vender-side display and customer-side display
  • M1 ~ M6 Direct PLU, and P10 ~ P99 Indirect PLU
  • Anti-Cockroach Device
  • Cash back calculation
  • Auto ZERO Tracking ; TARE Function
  • Low power and charging status indication
  • External Calibration
  • Stainless Steel Platter


  • Backlight
  • Veg or sweet scope


Capacity: 15kg
Division: 5g
Dimensions: Scale: 300 x 330 x 120 (mm). Platter: 300 x 240 (mm)
Power Source: DC: 4Ah/6V Rechargeable Battery, provides operation for 120 hours after fully recharged

KSP-15 scale customer displayKSP-15 scale dimensions